We are
permanently closed…

Dr. Sherrock has made the difficult decision to close Hope Veterinary Care in order to concentrate on family priorities. We are thankful for each and every one of you who have entrusted your fur babies’ and fuzzy children’s care to Hope. Kayla, Theresa, Sam, Chelsey and Dr. Sherrock will miss your kids and their muddy paws, heavy sheds, slobbery kisses and even the occasional growl, hiss and poo in the pocket.

Dr. Sherrock has accepted a position with Capitol Illini Veterinary Services and will begin seeing pets on September 12 at their Wabash location. If your pet was seen at Hope and you would like to continue with Dr. Sherrock, your records will automatically follow when you make your first appointment; be sure to tell them you were a client at Hope.

If you prefer to switch to another veterinary service, please email info@hope.vet with your pet’s first and last names as well as the name of the clinic to which records are to be sent.

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