Emergency & Extended Care

We are here for your emergency needs!

After Hours

We answer all of our own emergency calls for established clients until 10pm. If your pet becomes injured or sick call us and leave a message with your name, your phone number and the nature of the emergency. We will listen to your concerns and a nurse will triage your call. They will speak to Dr. Sherrock to determine who needs to be seen by us, who may benefit from the local overnight clinic, and who may be ok to drop off the next morning for care.

Continuous Care

If your pet needs to stay with us for more than a day, we provide our patients with 24-hour intensive care when needed. Throughout the night, Dr. Sherrock will watch over patients and provide necessary services, including monitoring vital signs (e.g., temperature, blood pressure, heart and respiratory rate) and administering fluids, medications, and pain management drugs. Please ask us about the availability of this service.

There will be some occasions where we are unavailable, during those times we urge you to go to the Animal Emergency Clinic located off Wabash Ave.

You can call them at 217-698-0870.

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