Hemp For Pets

What is hemp?

“Hemp” has generally been used to describe 
non-intoxicating cannabis
that is harvested for the industrial use of its derived products.

How does it work?

Hemp contains naturally occurring compounds called cannabinoids. There are over 140 known cannabinoids that have been identified in hemp and these cannabinoids interact with the endocannabinoid system found in animals and in humans. Pet owners are increasingly looking to hemp products and cannabinoids as a first option for joint support and an alternative to traditional products.

 Each plant is different, as each dog is different, and not all cannabinoids work on all issues. For example, some cannabinoids might work very well in stimulating joint functions but won’t help at all with mood. Some might work very well in supporting mood and calm, but not work on pain sensation.

Terpenes are additional compounds found in the hemp plant and are best known for their unique smells, but terpenes add much more than smell and taste. Terpenes and cannabinoids work together in a synergistic way and may increase the level of support. Terpenes are not all created equal and some are believed to have properties that support calm and are uplifting and some for pain.

The hemp marketplace is growing with innovation and shifts in cultural perceptions.  It is important that pet parents are willing to evaluate the information they receive. Hemp companies are getting onto the pet “bandwagon” but are not always producing products of high quality that are safe for use in animals. Despite the marketing hype that can obscure its medicinal value or make the use of this plant appear to be a fad or trend, pet parents should not dismiss hemp for their pet.

Some of the most common issues for which pet parents are using hemp are: pain control, neurologic disorders (seizures, dementia, neuropathies), behavior disorders (anxiety), and as an adjunct treatment in oncology (cancer) as well as many others.

In the middle of the rapidly evolving hemp industry, pet parents are seeking guidance on the pros and cons of this plant and they’re looking to the veterinary community for answers.

We hope to help with that!

What to look for when choosing a product.

Remember, all hemp and CBD are not the same.


The good news is that there has never been a wider variety of choices for pet owners. Unfortunately, not all hemp and CBD products on the market are the same, and it can sometimes be difficult to figure out what is right for your cat or dog. There could be 10 different bottles on a shelf that say CBD oil, and each oil can have a very different effect on pets.


If vets at a university have tested the product for effectiveness and safety, and the results are positive, it is a good sign that you are getting a high-quality product. In addition to whether the CBD/hemp product helps your dog, the product should be tested to make sure it is safe for dogs and cats.

Laboratory Testing

Look for products that are 3rd party tested and confirmed to be contaminate free. Make sure they practice safe extraction techniques. CO2 and alcohol methods are the safest for products used in animals. Others techniques may leave behind toxic residual chemicals.

Manufacturer Reputation

Look for companies who are open and honest about their techniques and have high ethical standards. A serious and reputable company will invest in research and clinical trials with veterinarians at a university or accredited institution. Are the products you are looking to give your pet ones that your veterinarian carries, or are perhaps using with their own pets?

Appropriate Dosing

Many cannabinoid products on the market are simply guessing at dosages, which leads to ineffective results for the pets. Just because hemp and CBD are naturally occurring compounds does not mean that a pet can be given any amount. . Please consult with a knowledgeable veterinarian on what is appropriate for your pet.

Clear Labeling

Look for the listed concentration. Does it state how many milligrams (mg) are in each drop? Higher concentrations allow for easier administration in animals. A marked dropper, syringe, or easily calculated number of drops is required to provide accurate dosing.

ElleVet is at the forefront of the science when it comes to new Hemp CBD products for pets without harmful side effects.

 Founded in 2017 in Portland, Maine, ElleVet Sciences provides support products for dogs in both soft chew form and oil form, made from our proprietary hemp CBD oil blends. The signature active ingredient was the subject of the first pharmacokinetic study and clinical trial on the use of cannabinoids in dogs with multi-joint pain. The enthusiastic endorsement from the vets who administered that study at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine represents the new scientific standard for this class of products that ElleVet Sciences pledges to maintain.

You can find ElleVet on our shelves!
Give us a call to find out more.
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