Hope 12:12

Hope 12:12

Hope 12:12 is a Veterinary Care Fund envisioned to help people through their pets.

Our Mission

In mission to our community, we know healthy pets equal healthier, happier and more stable homes.

We Hope to decrease preventable conditions in pets and their people to minimize the resulting financial, physical, and emotional turmoil leveled on the most at risk members of our community.

We Hope to stop surrender and/or euthanasia of pets for preventable conditions.

We Hope to keep pets in their homes with those who love them and may depend on them to face the day.

We want to give them Hope.

Want to help us give hope?

If you are interested in donating your time or services for an event or community outreach,

please email us with more information at management@hope.vet 

Our fund is reserved for clients refereed by social services, if you are looking for support please contact SIU.

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