Our Services

Anesthesia & Surgical Services

Proactive Care Packages

Due to the trying times of COVID-19, we are unable to sign any new plans up at this time. Hopefully we will be able to offer this service again in the future.

Parasite Control

Dental Cleanings

End of Life Care

Hemp for Pets

Routine Preventive Care

House Calls & Mobile Vet

Medical Services


Pet wellness, vaccination and preventative programs to help your pal live longer, healthier and happier

Convenient Drop-Off service

A variety of testing and care options for diagnosing and treating illnesses and injuries

Routine & not so routine surgeries from removing concerning little moles to removing that sock he ate

Dental cleaning and evaluations (just like our dentists do) to prevent dental disease before it becomes a problem and assess and remedy periodontal disease in those who already have it

Multimodal pain alleviation for many conditions

House Calls (scheduled in advance)

Allergy care including diagnosis, hyposensitization and symptomatic care/control

and many more

A Fear Free Approach!

Check out Our Certifications and learn more about why we choose to be Fear-Free!

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